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We all know about Induction motors. But what is a magnetic repulsion motor? What is the principle involved and theory behind repulsion motor? These motors use the repulsion principle to produce a rotating magnetic field. Read here to know about the constructional details,theory involved and principle of these motors
1 Answer 1. A DC or AC gearmotor is all you need. If you're asking about a stepper because of the change in direction, you can use a crank shaft mechanism to convert motion from rotary to reciprocating linear like the one in the above image: $\begingroup$ Reciprocating motion - I was looking for that term, thanks. Feb 04, 2013 · It’s a small linear motor which [ligonapProduktion] built after seeing a very brief description of a commercially available version. The video after the break shows him testing the motor. In this screenshot he’s holding the center shaft while the coil assembly moves back and forth.