Clavelina planta medicinal

The sculptures, masks, necklaces, and other works by “unknown” artists not only suggest the significance of art to daily life among Dogon peoples, they evoke formidable legacies of colonialism and the limitations of representing Dogon peoples through objects collected by and for foreigners.
The Dogon tribe of West Africa believes that the starting point of creation is a star that revolves around Sirius and is known as the ‘Digitaria star’. Their understanding is that this star is small, but heavy, and contains the building elements of creation.” The Dogon people live in central Mali (180 miles south of Timbuktu) and are best known for their mythology their mask dances wooden sculptures and architecture. They use ancestal figures to symbolically protect their family and home. Size : 14.5" long 3.5" wide and 4.5" high and weighs approximately 2.2 Lbs.