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These cracks will occur at the natural weak points in the plaster: the studs and joists, doors and windows, and the space between floors in a stairwell. The studs and joists are the only place the plaster is not allowed to make a key (curls of excess plaster on the other side of the wall).
Apr 01, 2004 ยท Try to avoid assembling walls on the ground, and keep the work surface clean and free of obstructions. Lay out the top and bottom plates on edge, inserting the wall studs between the plates and nailing them in place at the ends of the studs. Check for squareness by measuring diagonally from each corner after each wall is assembled. I'm not sure if the cracks you can see inside in the corners are just the lines right where wall meets wall (or ceiling) or are something wider that travels into the plane of the wall/ ceiling. I's hard to say w/o seeing it, but I'd say if it's smaller than 3/16" or so and just the line right where the walls meet to just use caulk.