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We are very pleased with the results of our Ground Pounder exhaust on the new Harley Davidson M8 powerplant. This is a stock 114with our pipes and TTS tuner ONLY ..... including a stock intake. Same bike, same dyno, same day. Final pull in 6th with a MASSIVE 124 RWTQ!!!! Thanks to Surdyke Harley-Davidson for the review!
Currently looking to upgrade exhaust and put cams in. Cam help would be nice also. I came from a sporster 1200 custom with Samson ground pounders so I think that could be a bother reason I'm not hearing the exhaust that we'll as I was used to the exhaust dumping put right by the rear tire. Thanks in advance.Oct 31, 2011 ยท my XL 1200 C 2007 with Samsun Ground Pounders with lots of extras.