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South Dakota specifically allows non-residents to register cars there, without the vehicle ever having to be in South Dakota. You have to apply at the county level. Clay County is one county that is very expat friendly. A call to the county treasurer there will explain the process. It's usually cheaper than other states as well. You'll need a US address (any state) that the plates can be mailed to, they can then be forwarded to you.
Vehicle Registration Renewal in South Dakota Before your South Dakota vehicle registration expires, you must renew it with the Motor Vehicles Division(MVD or DMV) On this page you'll find information about renewing your registration online, by mail, and in person. I quit looking into to. There's a few post about it on different Facebook pages. I replied with what info I found on here but I'm still at a stopping point when it comes to getting my buggy insured in Texas with South Dakota registration/plates. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk