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I need to sign pdfs, and sometimes fill out pdf forms which also need to be signed. At the moment I get them, print them, sign them and scan them back in to return to the sender. I'd like to simplify that. I know that on Windows and Mac OS your adobe software can sign the pdf, but I don't even know how that works exactly.
Get Deal B) PDF files -- I've tried Onenote (importing is fine, but exporting is dodgy), MS-Word (decent), and Xournal (not bad but a bit buggy) for marking up PDF files. The built-in app stinks. I ended up getting the Drawboard PDF app from the MS store, and that works the best for me.. Have questions about the IRS or IRS information? You’re in good hands with H&R Block. We’re here to help you find the IRS forms, tools, tips and information you need to help make filing your taxes easier.